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Our Story

Founded in 2016, formerly known as Vacuum Door Interactive, to create the game Fleet Hackers. With the help of student grants and local Fargo competitions, we became the only major VR game studio in Fargo, North Dakota. We also collaborated with Charism and UCodeGirl to bring VR education to the classroom. In September 2018 we made a defining decision to rebrand ourselves as Archenemy Interactive and transition from hobbyists to professionals.

Our Games

Tower of the Sun

Winner of the 2018 fargo game jam. this game is an experiment in storytelling. Face increasingly hard choices in who to sacrifice and even harder choices as the palace janitor.


Storm of Fire

A game made in 24 hours and winner of the 2018 Fargo public safety hackathon, experience firefighting from a whole new perspective. Tip: human's tend not to be fireproof.



The winner of the 2017 Fargo Game Jam. A game about a ship filled with zombies and terrified passengers. Lead them to safety or their doom.


Fleet Hackers

The project that started it all. The most innovative space simulation created for its time. Together with your crew travel across the galaxy stealing ships and taking names!

More Info

Fleet Hackers: The Cathedral of Light

A small cinematic episode for the Fleet Hackers universe, featuring stronger stories and higher production values. Created exclusively for the NDSU Innovation Challenge and 1 Million Cups Bismark.


Developed as a educational VR experience. Hop aboard the starship Endeavour for a quick trip around the sun. Dr. Leonard Smith is so excited he's on his tippy toes.


Leave gravity behind and explore the debris of a wrecked space station. just try not to float into the vast emptiness of space.


Our current major project, a game combining all of our previous works. To be released to Kickstarter and Steam in 2019.

Our Team

Ruben Tipparach Co-Founder, Game Developer

I like to play video games and annoy my cat.

Wren Erickson Co-Founder, Game Developer

A Game Developer who should really watch a little less anime.

Meg Ridl Writer, Audio Engineer

Word smith, recording lady, daydream believer, self-rescuing princess.

Matthew Neururer Concept Artist

A guy who draws cool pictures.

Jon Bell-Clement Voice Actor

Publicity coordinator, voice actor, and storyboard artist, Jon always goes where he is needed.

JoJo Lu Concept Artist

A concept artist who also likes audiobooks and cheese.